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The attention to detail during the design and production phases combined with twenty years of experience in the field, allow high levels of efficiency to be reached for any assembly machine requirements.

  • The project is managed in accordance with consolidated project management techniques. The customer will have one single point of reference in the Project Manager for the whole duration of the project, from the definition of the specification of supply to after-sales service.
  • The mechanical, electrical, pneumatic and software engineering are handled by internal OTS staff, with proven skill and experience.
  • The project is regularly shared with the customer, for the purpose of making use of his skills concerning the product and its processing, together with experience gained on from the automatic processes of OTS.
  • The machining of critical mechanical components is made in OTS, using the internal workshop.
  • The installation of systems is entrusted to OTS staff, both for on-board devices and electric cabinet.
  • The work- stations are designed to ensure accessibility for maintenance and / or changeover.
  • The technical solutions adopted allow a simple and intuitive setup and adjustment of the machine.
  • Any critical situation of the assembly process will be analyzed in advance through appropriate virtual simulation tools and prototyping.
  • The components used are of high quality, made by manufacturers of international repute and easily available.
  • Expertise and experience enable the most suitable selection in case of usage of special components (laser marking, vision systems, welding, robotics, acquisition and post processing of data).