Who we are

from 1968 to today, solution after solution

Small steps, great results

OTS, an almost unique entity in its field

OTS is a small-size company (about 50 employees), combining, in accordance with the directives of a targeted company policy, the fl exibility typical of local-sized companies with the skills, technology and worldwide network of large international brands.

OTS proposes itself as an almost unique entity in its field, capable of combining the effectiveness of small-size companies with the strength and know-how of international leaders.

Was founded with headquarters in Castagnole, for the purpose of building mechanical customer design groups.
1968 – 1986
Sufficient knowledge and experience were acquired to enable the company to move towards more complex and important supplies.
The first move from the original Castagnole site to the new factory in Borgaretto. Production is directed towards applications for automatic machining and assembly plants, including robotic systems, equipment, high power hydraulic stations, test benches, foundry servo controls, aluminium and cast iron, both in Italy and abroad.
The continuous growth, both in terms of skills and resources, together with the newly formed partnership with the American Bodine, leads to a further move to new factory in Beinasco.
With a view to proceeding to an increase in its presence in foreign markets, especially in South America, OTS signs an agreement of a commercial and productive nature with the Brazilian Etemi located in di Belo Horizonte.
The production focuses on index high productivity assembly machines, predominantly mechanical inline machines or dial types and customers become almost exclusively multinational leaders in their respective fields.
The latest move to the current Rivalta location, a building of 3,000 square meters, modern and functional.
Extended its network in China and Taiwan making new agreements and has strengthened it in countries such as the USA and Brazil.
The company celebrated its 50th anniversary.
50 years of history that have seen OTS transform from a small mechanical workshop to a worldwide company.
Obtained the AEO certification (Authorized Economic Operator) that distinguishes it as competent and safe both regarding the customs administration and the business partners.
Established a business network (IACNET) with other 3 italian companies to improve the presence on russian market.
The strong demand on american market translates into new partnerships on the territory to ensure customers assistance and local support.


Research and development

OTS always pays attention to changing technologies and aims to provide its customers with avant-garde machines that meet the most advanced technical standards, security, reliability and ergonomics.

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Social Responsibility

OTS adheres to and supports the United Nations Global Compact Programme.

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The attention to detail during the design and production phases combined with twenty years of experience in the field, allow high levels of efficiency to be reached for any assembly machine requirements.

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