Social Responsibility

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OTS adheres to and supports the United Nations Global Compact Programme.

Human rights :

  • Respect for human rights both freedom of association in the workplace and in different areas of influence of the company.
  • Control of the production chain.
  • Handling relations with workers, with particular attention to safety and health of workers.

Work :

  • Support for freedom of association of workers.
  • Support for the elimination of hard labour.
  • Support for the elimination of child labour.
  • Support for the elimination of all forms of discrimination.

Environment :

  • Preventive approach to environmental challenges.
  • Promotion of corporate responsibility.
  • Development of environmentally sound technologies that respect the environment (production of machines with limited energy consumption, with suitable dimensions for the application).

Fight against corruption :

  • Tackling corruption, from extortion to bribery.

OTS adheres to the EcoVadis programme.

EcoVadis, thanks to its indicators, prevents risks related to low sustainability focus and ensures proper performance management with large-scale supply chain screening and mapping; reliable scorecards with actionable assessments enable comprehensive audit and improvement management.

EcoVadis awarded the gold medal to OTS Assembly, recognizing its performance in the field of sustainability. This achievement reflects our company’s commitment to green. The rating criteria are based on international standards, including the UN Global Compact Principles.

OTS is determined to continuously improve its contribution to a better planet and a fairer society.

OTS‘s ecological awareness has grown exponentially and led it to join the Treedom project, which aims to meet 10 of the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals:

  • Zero poverty
  • Zero hunger
  • Quality of education
  • Gender equality
  • Economic growth
  • Responsible consumption
  • Fighting climate change
  • Biodiversity
  • Reducing inequalities
  • Collaboration to achieve the goals


The “OTS Assembly Forest” project foresees in planting 600 trees in three years (200 trees per year) in different areas of the world (from Colombia to Cameroon, from Kenya to Tanzania…).

Through this operation, in addition to the ecological impact (about 200 tonnes of CO2 absorbed), the local workforce will be facilitated.

Here are the details on the Treedom website to learn more about the OTS forest. From the type of trees planted (Cocoa, Coffee, Mangrove, Guava..) to their geolocation and their growth path shared directly with the local workforce:

This project will help us realize the fundamental goal of conservation biology: protecting biodiversity and the processes that generate and sustain it. This choice will allow us to protect bees, the biodiversity of flora through pollination and to support beekeepers in the work of caring for hives.

These small insects are the fundamental link in the entire food chain. Thanks to their tireless pollination work, bees are responsible for about 80% of the food we eat everyday.

“We, the bees, are not strong and resilient enough to climate change, pesticides, disease, pests, predators and toxic clouds. We try, hard, but we can’t do it alone! We need people, companies and public agencies to stand up for us concretely, with measurable and strong actions. We are tired of the usual marketing gimmicks and being exploited. Adopt a 3Bee hive is a 360-degree project that starts from flowers and reaches into space”