Rotary mechanical

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Rotary mechanical machine with radial arms.

The bench is made of welded structure, the base plate is in nickel-plated steel.

The movement of the parts holders is given by an aluminium alloy plate mounted on a mechanically controlled intermittor with orthogonal axes with cam drum.

For the movement of the parts aluminium radial arms are used, mounted on the central turret of the machine, along which recirculating ball slides move. The horizontal movement of the slides is driven by a central shaft, coaxial with the turret, actuated by a mechanical oscillator with orthogonal axes. The vertical movement is provided by an eccentric cam.

A single three-phase self- braking motor with inverter controls all the movements of the machine through countershaft and worm screw reducers.

Main advantages of rotary mechanical:

  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Reliability for mechanical synchrony and for duration: hundreds of millions of cycles.
  • Productivity because of the production speed: as many as 70 strokes per minute.