Linear mechanical

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Linear Mechanical machine cam type Bodine in “carousel” or “walking beam” version.

The chassis is made of strong vertical cast iron frames, of two camshafts (upper and lower) and horizontal plates in straightened steel for the assembly of the equipment.

In the “carousel” version the movement of the parts holders is given by a flexible belt of high-precision steel, tensioned between the drive and the idle wheels.
In the “walking beam” version this is achieved by indexed pallets transferred by a pilgrim process movement.

The camshafts, which cover the whole length of the machine, are mechanically synchronized with the movement of the belt or of the pallets. These in fact support the grooved radial cams that provide the movement to all the mechanical handling and control devices. The cams are dedicated to each movement and allow for limitless customisation.

The “carousel” version is driven by a servo-controlled motor. This drives both the driving wheel, by means of a mechanical intermittor, and the two camshafts.
The “walking beam” version is controlled by a servo- motor which, via a pair of reduction gears, drives the camshafts that give motion both to the stations and to the pilgrim process device.

Main advantages of linear mechanical:

  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Reliability for mechanical synchrony and for duration: hundreds of millions of cycles.
  • Productivity because of the production speed: up to 70 strokes per minute.
  • Flexibility thanks to the highly modular system that simplifies variations in the construction phase of the machine and the subsequent reconfiguration.