Linear electro-pneumatic

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Linear machine in “flat-top” or “over & under” versions.

The chassis is made of strong vertical cast iron frames, and horizontal and vertical straightened steel plates for the mounting of the equipment.The “flat-top” version also includes a camshaft in the lower part.

The machining of the plates allows interchangeability of the equipment with the rotary version.

In both cases the movement of the parts holders is given by a flexible belt of high-precision steel, tensioned between the drive and the idle wheels.

In the “flat-top” version the camshaft, which covers the whole length of the machine, is mechanically synchronized with the movement of the belt. It in fact, supports the grooved radial cams for any lower mechanical movement. The cams are dedicated to each movement and allow for limitless customisation.

Both versions can be controlled by a servomotor / reducer system directly on the drive wheel. In the case of a “flat-top” with camshaft, the servomotor drives both the drive wheel, through a mechanical intermittor, and the lower shaft.

These modules allow the integration of electro-pneumatic manipulators, servo-controlled or robotic systems.

Main advantages of linear electro pneumatic:

  • Easy to use and maintain.
  • Flexibility: thanks to the highly modular system, which simplifies the variations in the construction phase of the plant and the subsequent reconfiguration, and the possibility of multiple tooling should it become necessary to handle multiple types of product.